Tayto the Couch Potato Rechargeable Night Light

Turn on and veg out
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Tayto the Couch Potato Rechargeable Night Light
Key Features:
  • Your lovably lazy companion has arrived!
  • Veg out in the soft ambience of a friendly glowing potato
  • Made from addictively-squidgy silicone
  • Touch-sensitive – tap him to turn on and off
  • ...and cycle through three different brightness settings
  • Rechargeable battery, quickly charges with the included USB cable
More Info: Tayto the Couch Potato Rechargeable Night Light
Meet your new lovably lazy hero – Tayto the Couch Potato Night Light. An adorable potato-shaped light in the darkness, a cute and dumpy companion who champions the simple joy of staying indoors and doing nothing much at all.

While you're curled up in your PJs, binge-watching another Netflix series, ordering takeaway for the fourth day in a row (living the dream) – he'll be there by your side, adding his own brand of soft and lazy lighting to the scene.

He's touch-sensitive and made from super squishy silicone so you can just give him a gentle tap or prod to switch between three different levels of brightness. And because he runs on a rechargeable battery you can keep him powered up with the included USB cable and pop him on the sofa next to you. Aww.

Thank you couch potato!
Product Details:


  • The perfect lazy light-up companion
  • Made from soft and squeezable silicone
  • Touch-sensitive – tap to turn on and change brightness
  • Three levels of brightness to choose from
  • Rechargeable battery – charge it with the included USB cable


  • Measures approximately 11.5cm(W) x 13.5cm(H) x 11.5cm(D)
Customer Reviews
Based on 10 reviews
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Bought the potato lamp for my 11 year old after much begging. She loves this, it is definitely more a night light glow than reading lamp but would recommend as a background light when you don’t want anything brighter. The 3 different brightness’s would work well too for younger kids if they did want as a night light
We ordered the sofa one which seems to have disappeared from the website. The thickness of the plastic/colouring isn’t uniform, and the little lumps are more like stretched dimples. Overall it’s a lovely glow and very cute but we wondered about the quality for the price.
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