Wind Up Blobfish

The fastest things on no legs.

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Wind Up Blobfish
Key Features:
  • Wind up blobfish in assorted colours.
  • Perfect for spontaneous tabletop fun.
  • Pull back, let go, and watch it race along.
  • Looks miserable but is really living its best life.
More Info: Wind Up Blobfish

Never has an animal encapsulated our inner feelings more than the blobfish, but after years of being the face of misery, they are finally getting to have some fun. This wind up blobfish is a great way to lighten up your work day or brighten up a dull evening. Simply pull back then let it go and watch it hurtle miserably (and hilariously) along at an incredible blobfishy pace.

Product Details:
  • Wind up blob fish.
  • Assorted colours lucky dip.
  • Measures 7 cm long.
  • Made from soft vinyl and plastic.
  • Completely ridiculous looking.
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