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Friends Photo Frame
Key Features:
  • Make your flat as iconic as Monica’s
  • Frame your purple peephole
  • Or just a picture of your own friends
  • Or a photo of Phoebe's dad
  • Stands up nicely on any flat surface
More Info: Friends Photo Frame
You must have seen it, given the amount of FRIENDS you watch. And rewatch. Endlessly. The photo frame on the back of Monica’s door. Weirdly Greek, slightly ornate, yellow. Creates a lovely border for the peep hole. You know the one.

Now you can frame your very own peep hole, with your very own FRIENDS Photo Frame, just like the one from the show.

Of course, you probably don’t have a purple door. Or a penthouse apartment in Manhattan on a chef’s wages. But a fan can dream.
Product Details:
  • FRIENDS photo frame
  • Just like the one in Monica’s flat
  • Stands up on any flat surface
  • Truly iconic
  • Officially licensed FRIENDS merch
  • Measures approximately 22cm (H) x 17.5cm (W) x 4cm (D)
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