Heated Huggable Hedgehog

Prickly Heat
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Heated Huggable Hedgehog
Key Features:
  • See ya later stinky old rubber hot water bottle!
  • Curl up and hibernate with this cute and cosy companion
  • Perfect for autumnal walks and duvet dens
  • Pop this hedgehog in the microwave and let it thaw your frozen core
  • Smells amazing! Filled with natural buckwheat grains and lavender
More Info: Heated Huggable Hedgehog
Heated Huggable Hedgehog. Such a lovely name, just rolls off the tongue. Makes us want to aliterate in trios for the rest of the page.

This cute and cosy critter is destined to become your new prickly pocket pal! Okay that's quite enough of that.

Whether you're going on long autumnal strolls or hibernating in a duvet den watching Netflix, just pop the wee guy in the microwave and he'll keep you toasty warm for ages. So warm you'll just want to curl up in a ball with him forever.

This perky little creature is stuffed with natural buckwheat and lavender so once he's heated he'll fill the room with a gentle relaxing scent.
Product Details:
Please Note:
  • Hand-wash only please
Product Features:
  • Pocket-sized heated hedgehog
  • Obscenely cute and huggable
  • Just pop him in the microwave for up to 1.5 minutes
  • Made of polyester, filled with natural buckwheat and lavender
  • Packaging measures approximately 34.5cm(W) x 25.4cm(H) x 3.7cm(D)
Customer Reviews
Based on 2 reviews
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So cute and smelt amazing
Smells wonderful and stays warm for ages. Perfect for cold nights!