Cap Zappa Slingshot Bottle Opener

This is for safe, considerate, un-alive target practice (as in, not your friends faces or other people’s property).

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Key Features:
  • A bottle opener that doubles as a slingshot for your bottle caps.
  • Press the button and the cap will travel up to 5 metres.
  • Create fun, competitive games such as ‘who can hit the bin three times in a row’ or ‘who can shoot the furthest.’
  • Don’t shoot living creatures or anything that when shot will piss someone off.
More Info: Cap Zappa Slingshot Bottle Opener

The Cap Zappa Slingshot Bottle Opener is a great gift for beer fans who want to turn a bog-standard drinking session into competitive target practice.

Product Details:
  • Cap Zappa - Bottle Opener with Crown Cork Spinner
  • Open the bottle, press the button to shoot the crown cap away - shoots up to 5 metres
  • Crown cork remains hanging in the holder due to 2 small magnets
  • With key ring
  • Made of robust plastic
  • Measures approx. 12 x 5 x 2 cm
  • Weight approx. 47 gram
  • Do not aim or shoot at other living beings (especially not in the eyes or face)
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