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Rock On Mini
Key Features:
  • Keeping things neat and tidy can be rock n' roll
  • A hefty helping hand to store all of your important stuff!
  • The perfect place for your keys, jewellery, headphones and more
  • Made from rugged resin with a weighted non-slip felt base
  • Sexy antique gold finish!
  • Use it to pretend you've won a prestigious music award
More Info: Rock On Mini
We all like to tell ourselves we've got that 'special' place where we routinely dump our important stuff.

Yet we still end up losing our keys or enduring another agonising train journey because we've forgotten our headphones AGAIN.

Sound familiar? You need the Rock On Mini! This chunky no-nonsense piece of home decor is the perfect place to stow all of your precious junk; you can loop keys and headphones on the fingers, drape jewellery over it, wrap a watch around the wrist.

With this hefty helping hand keeping your belongings in check you can focus on the important stuff, you know, like rockin' out!
Product Details:
Product Features:
  • The ideal place to organise all of your stuff!
  • Perfect for keys, watches, jewellery, in-ear headphones and more
  • Chunky hand in the classic devil-horns sign
  • Made from hardwearing gold-painted resin
  • Weighted base with non-slip felt pad
  • Measures approximately 28cm(H) x 13cm(W) x 9cm(D)
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