Cheese Socks

A great gift for anyone who doesn’t ‘lac tose’
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Key Features:
  • Cheese socks for die-hard dairy fans
  • Choose from classy camembert or cultured blue cheese
  • Probably the most awesome sock packaging you’ve ever seen
  • One size fits all
More Info: Cheese Socks

Praise cheesus! At long last, lactose lovers all over the world can wear their favourite food on their feet. These one-size-fits-all cheese socks come in the most delightful, realistic packaging, making them the perfect gift for die-hard dairy fans. Choose from camembert or blue cheese, or if you want a double dose of penicillin, get both! And, don’t worry, they are completely fragrance free - whether your feet are is none of our business.

Product Details:
  • Cheese socks in realistic cheese packaging
  • Includes one pair of socks of the chosen variety
  • Material: Blue cheese socks: 54.9% cotton, 28.4% polyester, 14.1% polyamide, 2.6% elastane; Camembert socks: 75.9% cotton, 22% polyester, 2.1% elastane
  • Approx dimensions (cm): Blue cheese packaging: 12.5 x 10 x 7 cm; Camembert packaging: 3.5 height x 11 diameter
  • Washing machine safe
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