Hot Ones Truth or Dab: The Game!

Burning Questions
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Hot Ones Truth or Dab: The Game!
Key Features:
  • Milk at the ready!
  • Put your friendships and your taste buds to the ultimate test
  • Tell the truth or suffer the horrific spicy consequences
  • The pinnacle of pain has been turned into a trivia game
  • Includes a bottle of the notorious 'The Last Dab' hot sauce
More Info: Hot Ones Truth or Dab: The Game!
If you've watched a few episodes of Hot Ones you'll be exceedingly familiar with 'The Last Dab'

Let's just say it's a disastrously hot eating experience - a right of passage (in every horrifying sense of the word). After the interviewees have endured an array of increasingly spicy sauces they're faced with the last Dab, the final hurdle in this ludicrous race. And now the notorious hot sauce has been turned into a game – Hot Ones Truth or Dab

Grab your most daring mates and get ready to battle your way through cringe-inducing trivia, and face up to some hard truths! With 250 cards worth of burning questions, you may find answering them less painful than suffering through a spoonful of the hottest sauce in the universe.

Want to know how to play? Give this video a lil' look - and who better to explain than Hot Ones' Sean Evans!
Product Details:
Please Note:
  • For 3-6 players, aged 17+
Product Features:
  • Trivia game featuring the notorious hot sauce!
  • 250 Question cards
  • The Last Dab Hot Sauce (1.69 FL OZ)
  • 8 Tasting spoons
  • Playing time 30-90 minutes
  • The Last Dab Ingredients: Pepper X, distilled vinegar, turmeric, coriander, cumin, dry mustard
  • Measures approximately 6.6cm(W) x 11.5cm(H) x 21cm(D)
Customer Reviews
Based on 1 reviews
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Very upset as the game is really fun but having only had the game for 2 weeks, I noticed the sauce went off a week ago! Bit rubbish as I would've thought the sauce might have a shelf life of a year at least....
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