Moai Tiki Tissue Box

Mucus Megalith

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Key Features:
  • Giant Moai to hold your tissues
  • Textured resin face with nostril holes
  • May possess ancient ‘mana powers’ , a kind of mental energy that could, and we’re not promising anything here, boost your immune system and reduce the severity of your illness.
  • Fits a standard sized rectangular tissue box
  • Please provide your own tissues and snot
More Info: Moai Tiki Tissue Box

The Moai statues are shrouded in mystery. Were they built by aliens? What do they represent? We may never know… What we do know is that they make a surprisingly good receptacle for holding a box of tissues. Additionally, it’s a great conversation piece and gift, especially for a history buff with chronic man-flu.

Just insert the standard rectangular tissue box into the underside of the Easter Island head and, as needed, pull your tissue out through his stony nostril.

Product Details:
  • Thoroughly stately handkerchief holder
  • Large moai head and shoulders - carved from resin
  • Fits standard rectangular tissue box
  • Tissues are pulled out through the nostrils of the Moai handkerchief dispenser
  • The back of the handkerchief holder is open
  • Suitable from 12 years.
  • Material of the Moai Handkerchief Holder: Plastic
  • Size of the Moai handkerchief dispenser: 15 x 14 x 34 cm.
  • Weight approx. 1 kg
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