Pelican Cloth Holder

Wash those birdy dishes

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Pelican Cloth Holder
Key Features:
  • Keep your washing up cloth in beak condition
  • Stow your sponge or scourer safely in its hind-feathers
  • A suction cup fixes it to the counter and prevents it from flying away
  • ...but also allows it rotate 360 degrees. Nice!
  • This perky pelican is even dishwasher-friendly
More Info: Pelican Cloth Holder
Sick of finding your washing up utensils floating in murky waters or worse, scrunched up and going smelly on the side of the sink?

No more! Meet the Pelican Cloth Holder. This rare bird has evolved an extra long beak so you can finally hang up your wash cloths and let them dry! You can safely store a sponge or scourer amongst its hind-feathers and a suction cup on its belly fixes it securely to the counter so it won't fly away. You can even pop it in the dishwasher – what a marvellous creature!

From now on, doing the dishes will fly by!
Product Details:
Product Features:
  • Perky pelican keeps your washing up area clean and tidy
  • Long beak to hang up your washing up cloth
  • Neat little space on its back to keep your sponge or scourer
  • Suction cup secures it to the counter but allows it to rotate through 360 degrees
  • Made from rugged ABS plastic
  • Measures approximately 25.5cm(W) x 4.5cm(H) x 9cm(D)
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