Set of 4 Black Wine Glasses

A set of glasses to match the blackest of hearts.

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Set of 4 Black Wine Glasses
Key Features:
  • Set of 4 wine glasses.
  • Opaque black glass for an unconventional look.
  • No one can see inside, so fill that bad boy to the top.
  • Harder to see smudges, which means less polishing. Yass.
More Info: Set of 4 Black Wine Glasses

Whether you’re feeling particularly emo, or just want to spice up the humble wine glass, then this Set of 4 Black Wine Glasses will add a mood to your dinner set. These statement pieces are made from opaque black glass that no one can see through, perfect for if you’re secretly pregnant and you’re doing that thing where you pretend to drink. Also great if you’re greedy and want to hide the fact that you’ve just poured half a bottle into your glass.

Product Details:
  • Black wine glasses set of 4
  • Material: glass
  • Only wash by hand (to preserve the shine)
  • Measures approx. 21.5 cm high, of which the handle is approx. 11.5 cm high; diameter approx. 7 cm at the top, approx. 6.5 cm at the bottom
  • Total weight approx. 1kg
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