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Key Features:
  • Take a leaf out of the Burn Book in this scandalous party game
  • Channel your inner Regina George and dish the dirt on your friends
  • Take turns to write outrageous things about each other
  • ...and hope you don't get caught!
  • Another party classic from the creative minds at Big Potato Games
  • Officially licensed Mean Girls party game
More Info: Mean Girls The Game
It's time to channel your inner Regina George and dish out some scandalous dirt on your best friends. Oh, and they'll get to do the same to you, in Mean Girls The Game!

The game starts by "tearing" a page out of the Burn Book; it's then passed around as players take turns answering mischievous questions about each other. Questions such as:

Who do they have an anonymous crush on?
What does their face smell like?
What word (or phrase) do they say too often?
If they were a wild animal, what would they be?

Best of all, it's totally anonymous! Well, sort-of. At the end of every round, each player gets to choose an answer they'd like to reveal. If you wrote it, you have to come clean in front of everyone - so perhaps don't go all out on a bitchy tirade!

Points are awarded for the funniest answers and for guessing who wrote what. Then it's alllll laughs and smiles... until the next round begins.
Product Details:
Please Note:
  • Recommended for ages 14+
Product Features:
  • Officially-licensed Mean Girls party game
  • For 4-8 players, approximately 20 minutes play time
  • Includes 100 cards, 7 cardboard mats, 2 answer pads, 1 scoresheet
  • Oh and the whole game is plastic free!
  • Created by Big Potato, the makers of Obama Llama, Bucket of Doom and many more
  • The perfect gift for Mean Girls fanatics
  • Officially licensed!
  • Measures approximately 24cm(W) x 27cm(H) x 6cm(D)
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