No Hands - Non-Contact Hygiene Keyring
No Hands - Non-Contact Hygiene Keyring

The non-contact hygiene keyring made from antimicrobial copper!

Made from premium antimicrobial copper

That's right. Not some cheap coating that’s going to flake off within a week, but pure solid copper. It naturally kills microbes, bacteria and viruses, too. Goo SCIENCE! 👌

Precision tip for scratch-free use with touch screens

Because when was the last time you cleaned your smartphone? Hmm 🤭

Ergonomic Hook Design

Never mind bottle opener, how about door opener? No need to grab that filthy handle in a nervous wet-wipe pincer, this clever keyring has a sturdy hook design to easily open doors and turn handles.

Take it everywhere you go

Always leaving the house without a bottle of hand sanitiser? No worries. This neat little device loops comfortably onto any keyring so you'll never forget it!

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