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Personalised Air Fresheners
Key Features:
  • Face or image can be personalised
  • So that you get a visually appealing impression in addition to the olfactory one
  • Material: felt
  • Dimensions (in cm): approx. 8 x 10
More Info: Personalised Air Fresheners

Sometimes the only memory of a slightly fuzzy evening can be the awkwardly long and sickening taxi ride home. Whilst choosing if your head should be perched out the window or lolled in between your legs, you wonder: 'what the fudge is that smell?!'. You look up and see a mega-mix of Magic Trees hanging from the rear view mirror and that weird stain on the floor. You swiftly leave the cab giving them a 1 star. You've had enough of its eau-de-'toilet'.

Luckily, Fresh Face is your air-freshening hero and it's here to save your smelly old day.

Gone are the worries of your motor smelling of last night's takeaway or that incident that got a bit sweaty on the backseat. Our selection of scents will simply make your nose-gasm: Bacon, Coffee, Fresh Linen, Island Breeze, and of course...that New Car smell. Once you've picked your parfum simply click on 'personalised' to adorn your fresheners with a few faces and we'll do the rest. Make sure they're high quality, zoomed in nice and close, and that you've pulled the gurn of your life. One face will cover each side so both drivers and passers by can enjoy your weird choice in car accessories.

Stuck for ideas? Why not choose a picture of your Mum to remind you not to ruin her 5 years no-claims bonus? Maybe one of your mates so that you're never riding solo? Or just three pictures of everyone's favourite news reader, Moira Stuart. Swoon.

Move over Magic Tree there's a Fresh Face in town.

Product Details:
  • Personalised Air Freshners
  • With sea scent
  • Solid felt quality (3mm thick)
  • Scent tree is sublimated on both sides
  • TIP: When the scent wears off, you can add a few drops of an essential oil, perfume, etc. (not included) to the scent tree
  • Material: 100% polyester fibres
  • Dimensions approx. 8 x 10 cm
  • As this product is tailor made for you, we are unfortunately able to accept returns
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