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Pint2Go: Portable Pint Glass
Key Features:
  • No more heart-breaking spilled beers or smashed glasses!
  • Clumsy pals at a picnic? Flailing elbows at a music festival? No problem
  • Clever sliding lid and rugged acrylic plastic keep your pint safe
  • Insulated double-wall so your beer stays chilled for longer!
  • Lid also keeps unwanted bugs and dirt out of your precious pint
More Info: Pint2Go: Portable Pint Glass
That sinking feeling as time slows down and you watch in your horror as a beer glass tips over and your precious beer sloshes out onto the ground. Is there anything sadder than a spilt pint of beer?

No. No there isn't.

If that opening description made you feel physically ill - and it should have - you need to grab yourself a Pint2Go: The Portable Pint Glass.

This simple, yet life-changing drinking vessel is made from rugged SAN acrylic to prevent breakages and features a clever sliding lid to stop spillages. Clumsy friends at a picnic? Choppy water on a row boat? Flailing elbows at a music festival? No problem.

And that's not all – the glass is double-wall insulated so it'll keep your pint chilled for longer! Anyone fancy a cold one?
Product Details:
Product Features:
  • No more spilled beer or broken glasses
  • Made from rugged food-safe SAN acrylic to prevent breakages
  • Clever sliding lid stops beer escaping and bugs/dirt getting in
  • Holds 568 ml of tasty beer
  • Measures approximately 9cm(W) x 20.5cm(H) x 9cm(D)
Customer Reviews
Based on 1 reviews
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"Good pint (nice plastic) glass.
I bought it to keep the bugs out of my beer during the summer months.
I was a bit late for summer when I ordered but the exceptionally mild autumn meant the bugs were still out there(I have the bites to prove it!)"