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Premium Sudoku Set
Key Features:
  • Give your favourite puzzle the deluxe treatment
  • Premium wooden Sudoku board
  • Comes with a game guide, instructions, puzzles and solutions
  • Includes 81 numbered pegs (that stow away neatly inside the board)
  • The puzzles range from easy to advanced - good luck!
More Info: Premium Sudoku Set
For too long Sudokus have been confined to the back pages of newspapers, puzzle books, and websites that look like they were created in 2003.

If a noughts and crosses board is worthy of being turned into an opulent marble and gold ornament – isn't it time someone gave Sudoku the luxe treatment?!

You're damn right it is!

Our Premium Sudoku Board finally gives everyones favourite logic-based puzzle the distinguished experience it deserves. This chunky wooden set includes 81 numbered pegs as well as a handy game guide with instructions, puzzles and solutions.

There's a good balance of easy and hard games so it's perfect for absolute beginners and seasoned Sudoku gurus alike.
Product Details:
Product Features:
  • Deluxe wooden Sudoku board
  • Comes with 81 wooden numbered pegs
  • You can store the pegs inside the board
  • Also includes game guide, instructions, puzzles and solutions
  • Perfect for absolute beginners or experience players
  • Box measures approximately 20cm(W) x 14cm(H) x 14cm(D)
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