Da' Bomb: Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce

Explosively Hot

Da' Bomb: Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce

Explosively Hot

    • “Oh no... oh no it’s bad. I don’t know if i’m gunna recover!” - Scarlett Johansson
    • As seen on: Nearly every season of Hot Ones
    • How hot?!: 135,600 Scovilles
    • In three words: Notoriously. F*cking. Hot.
    • Bottle size 118ml
    • A right of passage for any spice addict!
    Da Bomb: Beyond Insanity. Where do we even start? Even the bottle looks like a miniaturised nuclear device, and by all accounts the 'half-life' is a long and torturous one.

    This little sh*t has been something of a right of passage on Hot Ones since the very early days of the show, eliciting explosive guest reactions without fail.

    This is the sauce that immediately steamed up Johnny Knoxville's specs, made Idris Elba want to fight the show's creator, and raised Stone Cold Steve Austin’s heart rate to 130bpm!

    Now we could try and describe how it tastes and feels on the palate. But a, this writer isn’t brave or stupid enough to eat it, and b, these passionate celebrity quotes paint a much clearer picture of the type of sauce we’re dealing with...

    • “Oh man I’m getting light-headed” - Terry Crews
    • “I’m not trying to over dramatise this, but that was alarming” - Jeff Goldblum
    • “AAAAH! It’s burning my nose! I don’t wanna swallow! Oh no... oh no it’s bad. I don’t know if i’m gonna recover!” - Scarlett Johannsen
    • That one made my tooth hot! Like inside my tooth!” - Charlie Day
    • “That’s really fuckin’ rockin’ the boat” - Steve-O
    • “Oh dammit. Okay, now I see. Son of a...” - Mac Demarco
    • “My mouth’s in a spice prison!” - Alexa Chung
    You get the idea.

    Serving suggestion: A microscopic droplet on whatever food you want to ruin.

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  • Please Note:
    • Everyone has their own spice tolerance – don't be a hero!
    Product Features:
    • Obscenely spicy hot sauce
    • The OG. Features on just about every season of Hot Ones since its inception
    • Ingredients (aside from plutonium): Habanero Peppers, chipotle puree, water, orange juice concentrate, natural pepper flavouring, tomato paste, potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate
    • 135,600 Scovilles
    • 118ml bottle
    • Measures approximately 4.8cm(W) x 11.4cm(H) x 4.8cm(D)
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