Herd Mentality

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Herd Mentality

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

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    • The game where you're rewarded for giving the most obvious answer
    • Think like your fellow players and collect the most cow tokens to win
    • Includes 160 question cards, 62 tokens, a pop-up paddock and squeezy pink cow
    • The mooest creation from the lovely guys n' gals at Big Potato Games
    Herd Mentality has one simple (yet surprisingly difficult) mission – to think like the other players.

    Each round begins with a random question, this sort of thing:

    Name a fruit that's hard to juggle with
    What's the best flavour of crisps?
    Name a fictional mouse

    Each player writes down the answer they think is in everyone else's heads. "Hmmm, everyone knows Salt and Vinegar is the best flavour... but I always see James eating Cheese and Onion... and what if they all decide to play it safe and choose Ready Salted!?" 🤔

    Suffice to say, it's not as easy as you'd imagine.

    The answers are revealed and everyone who wrote down the most common answer collects a cow token, the other players get nothing. First to collect eight tokens wins the game!

    Now feels like a good time to mention The Pink Cow Rule. If you come up with an answer that no one else thought of (you absolute free-thinking maverick, you) you must take the squeezy Pink Cow and add it your collection. With this brightly-coloured bovine in your possession, you can still collect tokens but you cannot win the game – until it's passed on to someone else.

    Think like the herd, but whatever you do – don't stand out!
  • Please Note:
    • Puns left out - suddenly, cattle of wits
    Product Features:
    • Think like your fellow players to win
    • First to collect eight cow tokens wins (tie breaks are settled by playing until one player is one cow in the lead)
    • Box includes 160 question cards, 62 cow tokens, a pop-up cardboard paddock, two answer pads and a squeezy pink cow
    • For 4-20 players, aged 10+
    • Duration: 30 mins
    • Measures approximately 20.5cm(W) x 27cm(H) x 7cm(D)
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