Sleepy Head - Personalised Pillow Case

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Sleepy Head - Personalised Pillow Case

Pillow talk

When will my Sleepy Head arrive?

Please allow:
  • 5-7 working days (Mon-Fri) for printing and UK delivery
  • 9-11 working days for USA orders
  • 9-11 working days for all other International orders

  • More information.

      • A pillowcase… featuring your face!
      • Super soft pillowcase with any face of your choice repeated on it
      • Just upload your photo and we’ll do the rest
      • Fits all standard size pillows - the kind you sleep on, not sofa cushions
      • It’s machine-washable and tumble-dryable too, hot diggedy dog!
      Ever wanted to rest your head, cuddle up to, and dribble on lots of little versions of someone’s head? Now you can!

      Our personalisation pixies have been working overtime to bring you Sleepy Head - the pillowcase with ANYONE’S FACE you want on it!

      Fall asleep on your mate’s head, or wake up face to face with a celebrity. Give your long-distance partner something to cuddle up to, or freak out the next lucky residents of your guest bedroom. The possibilities are truly endless!

      Get a bit too drooly? Not to worry, your Sleepy Head pillowcase is washable at up to 40 degrees celsius, and can handle a go in the tumble-drier. There. You’ve got no excuse now - let’s face it.
    • Please note:
      • We’re not about that nasty surprise stuff here at Firebox, so we need to let you know that...
      • Only one side of your personalised pillowcase will feature faces, the other side will be blank
      • Your pillowcase will be as good as the photo you upload - send us a blurry, pixellated face and your pillowcase will look blurry and pixellated
      • Our special upload tool will tell you if your picture is too small and in danger of looking crunchy, so no need to worry if your photography assessment skills are a little rusty
      • Images uploaded must be larger than 1000 x 1000 pixels.
      Product features:
      • Personalisable pillowcase with any face of your choice on it
      • Simply upload your chosen face and we’ll do the rest
      • Please note that only one side of the pillow has the faces on it
      • 70% Polyester, (to make it effortless to care for) 30% cotton (for out-of-this-world softness)
      • Wash on 40 degrees or lower
      • Tumble-drier safe! Ain’t nobody got time to air dry bed linen
      • Thread-count: 144. Nice.
      • Fits standard size pillows - the bed kind, not the sofa kind
      • Measures approximately 75cm (H) x 50cm
    Return information:

    Due to the nature of this product, we are unable to offer our usual 30-day, no-quibble returns policy, if you later change your mind, or otherwise decide to return the product through no fault of Firebox.  Click here for more info.

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