The Blanquet by BLOOM Gin

Bring class to the grass this summer

The Blanquet by BLOOM Gin

Bring class to the grass this summer

    • Embrace summer’s NEW elaborate picnicking trend
    • Blanquetting is to picnicking what glamping is to camping
    • Brought to you by BLOOM Gin to help you live full bloom
    • Each GIANT limited-edition blanquet measures 6.5m x 1.5m
    • Invite friends and family to gather around your blanquet

    Featuring a colourful and eye-catching gingham print, the UK’s first ever Blanquet created by BLOOM Gin is primed for hosting fun, creative and special get-togethers with family and friends.

    Shaped like a banquet table, it’s perfect for rolling out in the park, on the beach or in a back garden. Arrange food, drinks, crockery and flowers and other decorations down the middle for people to sit around.

    For blanquetting tips and styling advice, visit @BLOOMgin on Instagram.

  • Please Note:

    • We are unable to authorise the sale of any Blanquets by BLOOM to persons under the age of 18
    • UK delivery only
    • Promo codes and gift vouchers may not be used to purchase The Blanquet by BLOOM

    Caring for your Blanquet:

    • Keep your Blanquet away from any open flames. Its top fleece is fire resistant rated to a minimum of B1
    • Your Blanquet can’t be machine washed, and is too large to be anyway! However it can be wet, wiped, or soaked, and is fast-drying


    • Soft polar fleece topper; black PVC underside
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