Unicorn Tears® Raspberry Pink Gin Miniature

Micro Emotions

Unicorn Tears® Raspberry Pink Gin Miniature

Micro Emotions

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    • Reborn and miniaturised with a refined design and improved recipe to conquer your drinks cabinet
    • Premium pink gin, shimmering with iridescent majesty and mythical emotion
    • Raspberry flavoured and bursting with a rare breed of exotic botanicals including horned melon, Buddha’s hand and star fruit
    • Swirl to infuse with real Unicorn Tears
    • Refined emotion harvesting techniques deliver a purer unicorn tear infusion
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    Say hello to batch 3 of Unicorn Tears® Raspberry Pink Gin, our otherworldly bestial elixir - resplendent in miniature form.

    The new version of its iconic predecessor is a raspberry flavoured pink gin bursting with a rare breed of botanicals: juniper berries, mandarin, almond, raspberry, coriander and pepper, plus exotic horned melon, Buddha's hand and star fruit.

    Refined emotion harvesting techniques deliver a purer, shimmering unicorn tear infusion.

    Unique in every pour. Swirl to infuse and serve with classic tonic and fresh berries, sip over ice or get creative in cocktails.

    The original shimmer spirit™, in cute AF miniature size.
  • Product Features:
    • Limited Edition!
    • ABV 37.5%
    • 5cl bottle contains two measures – perfect for whipping up a cocktail or two
    This item cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18.

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    Please drink responsibly www.drinkaware.co.uk

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