XL Cushion - Giant Square Personalised Floor Cushion

Comfort squared

XL Cushion - Giant Square Personalised Floor Cushion

Comfort squared

When will my Giant Cushion arrive?

Please allow:
  • 4-7 working days (Mon-Fri) for printing and UK delivery

  • Please Note: This XL Cushion can't be delivered to Ireland, the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, The Channel Isles, and the Isle of Wight. Sorry!

      • The biggest, boldest way to show off your lovely face
      • Put anyone’s face on an absolutely massive cushion
      • Just upload your face and you’ll be sat on it in no time
      • Suitable for outdoor use with a stain and water resistant cover
      • Easier to keep clean than your actual face
      Those boring generic cushions just aren’t doing it for you anymore. They’re dull, they’re too small, they don’t make you smile every time you see them, and they certainly can’t be used outside without getting all mucky. Unlike these.

      These massive cushions are 35” of pure personalised goodness, featuring anyone’s face you want! Just upload a face-on photo of your favourite person and we’ll create a bespoke pattern with it across one of these incredible, durable cushions.

      You’ll be reclining on your very own shower-proof version of that face in no time. Just don’t leave it outside overnight, they can withstand an impressive amount of wear and tear but probably not a rogue fox attack or bout of excessive nocturnal dampness.
    • Please note:
      • One face per cushion please!
      • Please upload a face-on shot of just one person for best results
      • Images uploaded must be larger than 1000 x 1000 pixels.

      Product Features:
      • Personalised XXL square cushion featuring any face you want!
      • Seriously, they're massive - 35" across, to be specific
      • Just upload your photo and we’ll do the rest
      • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
      • Don’t leave it outside overnight though, it’s only shower-proof
      • Easy care stain resistant, water repellant, dirt release cover

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