Stress Pickle

Got yourself in a right pickle? You’ll be needing one of these.

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Stress Pickle
Key Features:
  • The most robust pickle you’ll ever meet.
  • Squish it, pull it, twist it.
  • Perfect for the office or during video meetings.
More Info: Stress Pickle

Has Dave from accounts accidentally muted himself for the 8th time? Doris from marketing microwaving her broccoli and fish lunch in the office microwave? Stop yourself from throwing your laptop out of the window in a fit of range with this remarkable Stress Pickle.

This little guy can take a beating so keep him close at hand for all your crushing, twisting and squeezing needs. Just keep him away from Doris, she might try to microwave him.

Product Details:
  • The Stress Cucumber
  • Suitable for stress relief
  • Can be kneaded, pressed, squeezed, etc.
  • Measures approx. 16 cm long, diameter approx. 5 cm; packaging approx. 22 x 3 x 15 cm
  • Weight approx. 65 gram
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