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Key Features:
  • The ultimate working (or playing) from home accessory
  • Swap that stressful desk setup for the comfort of the sofa
  • Long groove to prop up smartphones and tablets
  • Recessed storage tray to keep your stationery (and snacks!) tidy
  • Generous ventilation holes to keep your laptop cool
  • Built-in non-slip mousepad
  • Made from rugged but lightweight bamboo
More Info: The Lapzer Lap Table
The clue's in the name, if you're still sitting at a desk with your laptop – you're doing it wrong!

Whether you're knee deep in a business presentation, binge-watching the latest Netflix hit or just enjoying a cheeky Zoom call with your mates, The Lapzer Lap Table is the perfect home for all of your laptop activities.

As well as having plenty of room for all laptops great and small, this sturdy bamboo platform features a groove along the back to prop up your smartphone or tablet, a recessed tray area for your stationery (and snacks), a built-in mouse mat, and plenty of ventilation holes to keep your laptop nice and cool!

Bid farewell to that stressful desk setup and say hello to the bed, the sofa, the garden, anywhere you please!
Product Details:
Product Features:
  • High quality bamboo laptop lap table
  • Groove to prop up smartphones and tablets
  • Tray area for your stationery
  • Built in mouse pad
  • Lots of ventilation holes to stop your laptop overheating
  • Weighs just 2kg
  • Measures approximately 59cm(W) x 31cm(H) x 2cm(D)
Customer Reviews
Based on 1 reviews
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I really love this product. Was reallyhard to put my hand on it but now, my computor is litterally screw to it with a mouse. No more overheating because of the fabric !! Recommand it with closed eyes!!