Ultimate Music Trivia

From Adele to ZZ Top

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Ultimate Music Trivia
Key Features:
  • All the very best bits of a pub quiz (ONLY the music round!)
  • 300 musical trivia questions to contend with
  • Covering past and present music legends and chart-toppers
  • From Adele to ZZ Top, and everyone in between
  • Will you be top of the pops or a one hit wonder?
  • Classic ghetto blaster-style packaging
More Info: Ultimate Music Trivia
Everyone knows the best part of a pub quiz is the music round.

Deciphering lyrics, arguing over release dates, trying to guess songs by only hearing the first few seconds – yer can't beat it! And now some legend has created a quiz that's just the music round, and it's called Ultimate! Music! Trivia!

This epic quiz comes in a ghetto blaster-style box and features 300 trivia questions traversing all corners of the musical landscape. From Adele to ZZ Top, rounds include Timeless Tunes, Music Legends and Chart-toppers.

Will you be top of the pops or a one hit wonder?
Product Details:
Product Features:
  • Classic ghetto blaster-style packaging
  • 300 music trivia questions
  • Rounds include Timeless Tunes, Music Legends and Chart-toppers
  • Measures approximately 21cm(W) x 10.5cm(H) x 4cm(D)
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