What Not To Say During Sex

Don’t cock it up.

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What Not To Say During Sex
Key Features:
  • Cheeky card pack containing 100 cards.
  • Each card contains a different phrase to avoid.
  • Handy guide for singletons.
  • Great gift for your Tinder-mad mate.
More Info: What Not To Say During Sex

Make your romantic encounters a bit less awkward with the “What Not To Say During Sex” Card Pack. The set contains 100 cards, each with a phrase you might want to avoid blurting out in the bedroom. Examples include “Hashtag climaxing!” and “I really fancy a kebab”. These may seem obvious to most, but some of us have a habit of putting our foot in our mouths, so these handy flashcards are just the thing for our next fling.

Product Details:
  • 100 ‘What Not To Say During Sex’ Cards
  • Recommended for 18 years and over  
  • 3.62 x 1.46 x 5.98 cm
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