Where's Bowie?

Lost in a labyrinth
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Where's Bowie?
Key Features:
  • Help! We’ve lost Bowie in the crowd!
  • Can you find Ziggy Stardust in these massive pictures?
  • Ooh, look, there’s Wally! Hang on, wrong book...
  • Spot him to feel like a hero, just for one day
  • Or don’t bother - what a rebel, rebel
More Info: Where's Bowie?
Forget dancing, put on your red shoes and help us find Bowie, we’ve lost him!

Everyone’s favourite rockstar has gone missing in loads of different places. It’s up to your eagle-eyes to find him again and make sure he’s Hunky Dory. Don’t worry, he’s usually just hanging about looking cooler than everyone else in one of his lovely fancy outfits.

You can’t take him anywhere. He goes missing on the Moon, he goes bonkers in Berlin, he’s nowhere to be seen in New York… Good thing he’s always surrounded by cool people having fun, like Bob Dylan, Laika the space dog, and the lads from Flight of The Conchords.
Product Details:
Product Features:
  • A hardback book of Where’s Wally, but with David Bowie
  • Can you spot him amongst all these groovy rock ‘n’ roll scenes?
  • Gloriously illustrated by Kev Gahan

  • Measures approximately: 27.5cm (H) 20cm (W) 1cm (D)
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Based on 1 reviews
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Good quality, nice info and fub