After Dinner Nipples

Tasty post-meal t(r)eat

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After Dinner Nipples
Key Features:
  • The breast post-dinner teats you've ever had, bra none
  • Dark chocolate and mint flavoured
  • After Eight-inspired dark green packaging
  • Ripe for endless boob-themed punnery!
More Info: After Dinner Nipples

"Ahh now we've let that lovely meal go down I'm just going to nip into the kitchen and get us some after dinner teats. I must say they're the breast post-meal chocolates I've ever tasted, bra none! What flavour? Oh they're mint and dark chocolate, yes they bring back fond mammaries of when we used to have After Eights at Christmas time. You simply bust try one. Here's the box, go on, grab a pair!"

After Dinner Nipples - has there ever been a chocolate that's more ripe for groan-worthy puns? We don't think so.

Product Details:

Product Features:

  • Tasty nipple-shaped chocolates
  • Comes in an After Eight-inspired box
  • Contains 8 nips
  • Dark chocolate and mint flavoured - not melon, just in case you were wondering


  • Measures approximately 15cm(W) x 5.5cm(H) x 5.5cm(D)
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