Candy Grabber

Bring a piece of arcade frustration into your living room.

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Candy Grabber
Key Features:
  • Mini arcade candy grabber with joysticks and a steerable claw.
  • Comes with fake coins and optional fairground music.
  • Powered by USB cable (included) or 3 x D batteries (not included).
  • Sweets are optional; if you’re on a health-kick, you can fill it with foil-wrapped grapes or something equally depressing.
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Everything tastes better when you’ve worked for it, and nothing makes you work harder than an arcade Candy Grabber

Product Details:
  • Candy Grabber for the home
  • A controllable fork
  • Joystick to move the fork forwards, backwards, up and down and to grab
  • Fairground music
  • The music can be switched on and off and the volume (High/Low) can be changed via a slide switch
  • Functions with fake coins
  • Suitable from 5 years
  • Powered via USB cable (included) OR 3x D batteries (not included)
  • Measures Candy Grabber approx. 34 x 26 x 19 cm; USB cable approx. 98 cm long
  • With or without sweets
  • NOTE: If the sweets are not available as accessories, they are unfortunately not in stock at the moment
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