Mini Plant Pot Naughty Gnomes

Dirty Decorative Dwarfs

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Mini Plant Pot Naughty Gnomes
Key Features:
  • Add some much-needed humour to that pretentious terrarium
  • Four filthy little gnomes to adorn your house plants
  • Each with their own naughty predilection – pulling moonies, smoking etc.
  • Miniaturised so you don't need a retirement cottage on the Isle of Wight
More Info: Mini Plant Pot Naughty Gnomes
You know what your houseplants are crying out for? Dirty. Decorative. Dwarfs.


These little guys aren’t into fishing, pushing wheelbarrows or perching whimsically on top of toadstools. One's smoking a spliff, one's got his ass out, one's relieving himself and another is flipping the bird – all of them are having a damn good time.

So why not add a little cheekiness to that sad plastic pot of coriander from the Co-Op? Or give that struggling Bonsai tree a mischievous mascot? Just treat your plants to a set of Naughty Gnomes.
Product Details:
Product Features:
  • Set of four filthy little gnomes to decorate your plants with
  • Each with their own different naughty pose
  • Perfectly sized for your indoor plant pots
  • Easy to wipe clean so you can re-use them
  • Box measures approximately 14cm(W) x 8cm(H) x 4cm(D)
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