Christmas Gifts For Friends

If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for friends, then Firebox has got you covered. From gifts you can enjoy together, to personalised gifts that add a unique twist; we’ve got a whole host of Christmas presents for friends. With our quirky gifts you will smash that Christmas brief as you’re guaranteed to find something to match the taste of even your craziest friend or nail the most obscure inside jokes. The best Christmas gifts for friends are ones that have you reliving your childhood together, so make sure to check out our retro gifts for a nostalgic festive treat that will even warm the heart of your grinchiest friend.
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The thing that separates your close friends from, say, your work colleagues, is that you chose them. Your experiences together are so personal, and that’s why you often put more thought into Christmas gifts for friends. Nothing is more personal than having their name, or their favourite quote engraved on a cool gift to give it that extra zing. Shop our Christmas presents for friends and you will find a weird and wonderful range of personalised gifts from an engraved mini cactus terrarium to a personalised neon light, whisky glass, or giant chocolate bar. If you want to win the best present competition, you know what to do.


Add the element of surprise to your best friend’s Christmas gift when you plaster a photo of your choice all over their present. Why not cover a blanket in pictures of your face so they can appreciate your beauty while they snuggle of the couch, or add some spice to the traditional Christmas gift of socks when you adorn them with the face of their favourite celebrity or pet. Even better if you’re celebrating the festive season apart, it’s a great way to make your presence felt during all the celebrations. In short, personalised Christmas gifts make the perfect presents for friends; unique, quirky, and funny, just like you! 


If you’re lucky enough to be spending the holidays with your friends, then getting them a Christmas gift that you can enjoy together is a surefire winner. From after-dinner games to brilliant puzzles, we’ve got Christmas gift ideas for friends that are sure to keep you all busy (and laughing) long into the night. Nothing beats a bit of nostalgia, especially at this time of year, so a nifty 80s or 90s music trivia quiz would go down a storm. If you all grew up on Disney and Christmas has got you tired out, then settle down together with our Disney Princess Face Masks. For the obscure culture vultures out there, we’ve also got a Tiger King Jigsaw puzzle for you to work on together as you nurse your Christmas Day hangovers. And that’s just a few Christmas gift ideas for friends, check out our catalogue for more inspiration!

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