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Although they don’t usually give many signs, men are deep into gifts as well! And if you think they’re a difficult lot to buy a present for, your problems are over. Welcome to our selection of gifts for him - hundreds of gifts for men you can’t go wrong with. Whether he is a colleague, your partner or man of your dreams, they’re all expecting the coolest gifts, which you’ll find here.

Top Gifts for Him

Searching for presents for him for a specific occasion? Or perhaps you just want to treat him with a thoughtful gift out of the blue! Whatever the occasion, we’ve got a humongous range of unusual gifts for him that we know he’ll love. From personalised beers and whisky flavoured coffee to fun recipe books and cushions with his face on! Whether it’s a special anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas Day, ANY day - Make sure you spoil the special man in your life with a truly unique gift for him. Or, in case he's not that special, make sure to check our controversial gifts as well. His reaction could be the perfect payback you’re looking for. Just don’t blame it on us.

Gifts for men who have everything

We know that men’s gifts can be hard to get right - how can you be expected to come up with gift ideas for men who have everything? What a nightmare! Well, panic not, because over the years we’ve put together a curated collection of quirky gifts for men. Whether he’s into gadgets, unusual booze, or even jigsaw puzzles - we’re sure you’ll find some perfect gifts for him. We don’t want to toot our own horn too hard, but when it comes to presents for him - we’ve got the coolest men’s gift ideas in town (read: on the internet). On a different note, we all agree that beer makes everything easier, right? Well, it does in terms of gifting, because as soon as he drinks it, he doesn’t have it anymore, duh! Good thing we have marvelous beer gifts you can either get him to replenish his stock, or crack open straight away and celebrate together. Finally, you can take it to the next level with something personalised. We’ve got a wide range of prezzies you can personalise with a face, name or message, sometimes a few of those combined, creating ultimate personalised gifts for him. When you give them something personalised, there are so many possibilities out there it’s virtually impossible they will find it somewhere else and therefore also impossible for them to have “everything”.

Unusual presents for that special man in you life

More than just friends? Don’t worry, Firebox is here to keep your love life healthy for at least another year! And nothing keeps a relationship together like our range of cool present ideas for men. Loves a drink? Choose one of our beer gifts for him. Sweet tooth? Treat him to a lil’ something from our range of personalised chocolates! Secret big kid? Make sure you check out our ever-expanding gadget shop or treat him to one of our geeky gaming gifts for men. The takeaway here is, within this range you can find whatever you’re looking for, as long as your goal is to surprise him with a present - especially with unusual gifts for him! Take one more recommendation from us and don’t wait until the next birthday or anniversary to come up with the perfect gift. If you really want to keep that spark throughout the year, why not treat him at any time, as a cheeky surprise? That’s why we also prepared items like gadgets he can use at home or at work, a peculiarly strong coffee and grooming accessories. Just looking for a bit of a laugh? No worries, there are also funny games you can play together. Anything you need to share the love is here, at Firebox.

Funny gifts for him

We like to think our range of funny presents for men are the best out there, and if our reviews are to be believed - we’re right! If you’re in need of a cheeky gift to make him laugh, you’re in precisely the right place. We’ve got giant plush penis cushions, the world’s spiciest chocolate, rude puzzle books, socks you can print his face on, and much more! Presents from Firebox have been making people laugh for over 20 years so you know you’re in safe hands. Need some proof? Throughout those years we have also invented a lot of cool, funny and a bit mad gifts as well. Make sure to check out the Firebox Creations and you’ll find a range of food, drink, accessories, games and much more, everything with that special Firebox twist you can’t find anywhere else. That spiciest chocolate we mentioned is one of our inventions, but also only the tip of the gifting iceberg that is our range of presents, especially funny gifts for him.

What is a thoughtful gift for men?

Very good question. At Firebox, we always say you can’t go wrong with apersonalised gift for him - whether that’s a cushion with a photo of his face printed on it, an engraved whisky glass, or one of our many other unique gifts for men. We’ve also found that small gifts for men can often make the biggest impact - a cheeky jar of personalised Marmite or one of our cute night lights could really brighten up his big day (literally). To top it off, here’s a little contradiction for you: our Mystery Boxes. You may not understand at first but, putting it out simply, the Mystery Boxes are themed gift boxes that not even you, the gift giver, knows what’s inside. So here we are talking about thoughtful gifts for men, recommending a gift you just need to choose a theme and stop thinking about it. Pretty weird, right? Well, not really. With themes like gadget and unusual, the Mystery Boxes are packed with Firebox heroes only. That means all you have to do is pick the theme he’ll love the most, and we guarantee none of you will be disappointed. He gets a load of thoughtful gifts for him, and you get the satisfaction of finding the perfect present with very little effort. Absolute no-brainer. By the way, by choosing a Mystery Box, you also get a discounted price compared to buying all items separately across the website. We didn’t want to let the pricing subject get in your way when finding the perfect gift, but hey! Talking about thoughtful gifts, this is a pretty thoughtful treat to you and your banking account as well. You’re welcome.

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