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Product Porn  
We swung open our metaphorical doors in 1998 under the name hotbox.co.uk. One small snag - Hot Box was an existing company that peddled hardcore pornography. Not really our bag, we were more into cool gifts and (non-sexual) gadgets. A quick name change later and Firebox.com was born.





Shots! Shots! Shots!
Our first original creation was The Shot Glass Chess Set - a timeless cerebral battle of wits meets “getting pissed”. The more pieces you take, the more drunk you get. Nice. A fitting start to set the tone for future Firebox Creations - unusual gifts, with a twist




We make Unicorns cry.
Fast forward twenty years and we're still coming up with mad products that make us laugh (and pleasantly drunk). Using our closely-guarded extraction methods we harvest the tears of fantastical beasts to bring you premium Mythical Spirits.



And that's not all.
F*cking Strong Coffee, the world's hottest chilli chocolate, Spreadable Gin & Tonic, “Mushions” (squishy cushions with your face printed on it).


We love surprises.
We invented the Mystery Box because we got bored of everyone getting exactly what they asked for. Gift-giving used to mean something - what happened to the risk? The suspense? The surprise? We’re bringing it allll back. Put your fate in our hands and treat someone to a bit of mystery.







We don’t take life too seriously.
Give your presents that ‘personal touch’ with CrapWrap™ - the Original Anti-Wrapping Service by Firebox. Forget meticulously wrapped presents with sickly ribbons and bows - think wretched rips and tears, pathetic attempts at folding, the odd stray hair. Wrapping something this terribly is a fine art and our warehouse staff are given full creative freedom.









We didn't know how to end this About Us page…

























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Maybe we should have just stuck to the classic ‘About Us’ format


























One massive cheesy photo of us all


























Perhaps a cheeky bio for each Fireboxer


























So you can get to know us a little better


























Find out that the Head Copywriter loves rugby and listening to Kula Shaker


























Yeah, best not


























This is eeeasily more interesting


























Interactive too


























Our emotional connection getting stronger with every scroll


























Sort of


























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