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Bubble Blowing Bubble Bath
Key Features:
  • As if bubble baths couldn't get any better...
  • Scented bubble bath that you can blow real bubbles with
  • Eat THAT Radox!
  • Three fun and refreshing fragrances to choose from
  • Why has no one thought of this until now?!
More Info: Bubble Blowing Bubble Bath

You can't beat a bubble bath. Breathing in the invigorating aroma. Slowly leaning back and sinking into the foam while it crackles around your ears. Giving yourself a bubble beard, giving yourself a bubble wig, giving yourself a bubble bra. We could go on.

Your in-bath entertainment just got a playful and nostalgic upgrade courtesy of the Somerset Toiletry Company. Not only can you enjoy a restful and sweet-scented bubble bath, but now you can actually blow bubbles with it! Why this has only just been invented – we'll never know.

Take your pick from three fun and fragrant flavours:

  • Chillax - Seabreeze
  • Giggle - Grapefruit & Orange
  • Rejoice - Jasmine

Best of all, they come in classy little bottles – as opposed to some giant duck or sailor-shaped monstrosity – so no one will know of your wild bubble-blowing bathtime antics.

Product Details:

Product Features:

  • Finally you can blow bubbles with your bubble bath
  • Three invigorating scents to choose from (Chillax - Seabreeze, Giggle - Grapefruit and Orange, Rejoice - Jasmine)
  • Classy-looking 400ml bottles


  • Measures approximately 7.5cm(W) x 12cm(H) x 7.5cm(D)
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