Personalised Luxury Princess Bathrobe

The Royal Robes
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Key Features:
  • Warm and snuggly dressing gown worthy of a princess
  • Made from unbelievably soft and fluffy microfibre
  • Personalise the back with any name you please
  • Large hood so you can hide away from the world
  • Two deep pockets to carry all of your essentials
  • Machine washable at 40°C
  • Worn by the actual Queen on her days off*

    *Okay, we can't actually prove this, but Lizzie does have excellent fashion sense so you can't rule it out.
More Info: Personalised Luxury Princess Bathrobe

We don't sell golden thrones or rent out teams of loyal manservants - but we know that every aspiring princess deserves their own set of fancy regal robes.

Now you can relax like royalty with our Personalised Luxury Princess Dressing Gown.

Possibly the softest, warmest, snuggliest garment in the entire known universe; this plush bathrobe is made from super fluffy microfibre. Featuring a large hood (to leave room for your crown), as well as two deep pockets for all of your essentials - mobile phone, gold sceptre, share-size bag of Maltesers etc.

And that's not all, we can print the back of this luxurious dressing gown with any name you desire; your own, your kid's, your partner's - just hit the 'Personalise' button and we'll take care of the rest.

Whether you're having a sleepover with friends, settling down for a Disney marathon on the sofa, or going to get the morning papers - make sure you do it in style with our Personalised Luxury Princess Dressing Gown.

Product Details:
  • Super soft and cosy personalised dressing gown
  • Made from warm and fluffy microfibre
  • Personalise the back with any name you fancy
  • Features a large, hood, two deep pockets and a belt
  • Machine washable at 40°C
  • Available in two colours - Pink and Cream
  • And in two sizes - Small/Medium, Medium/Large
  • Note: The typeface on the back of the bathrobe maaay resemble that of a certain well-known entertainment behemoth - purely coincidental!


  • Cream Small/Medium. Gown measures approx. 88cm x 59cm; Arms approx 54.5cm long
  • Cream Medium/Large. Gown measures approx. 88cm x 61cm; Arms approx. 58.5cm long
  • Pink Small/Medium. Gown measures approx. 91cm x 51cm; Arms approx. 56cm long
  • Pink Medium/Large. Gown measures approx. 91cm x 53cm; Arms approx. 61cm long
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