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Beer Buds
Key Features:
  • High-grade stainless steel beer chiller sticks
  • Advanced beer cooling technology
  • Cools your beer instantly
  • Rounded cap let's you drink straight from the bottle
  • Integrated bottle opener


More Info: Beer Buds

Gone are days of drinking disgusting, lukewarm beer. Beer buds will instantly cool your drink from the first sip to the last, without diluting or compromising the taste.

Keep them in the freezer and, when needed, slide into your beer bottle and drink or pour directly from the bottle. The chiller sticks are designed to fit snugly and are fitted with a round cap that allows you to chug straight from the bottle. When you're done simply rinse clean and put back into the freezer for next time.

Ideal for when unexpected guests arrive and makes a great gift for birthdays, father's day or for the beer lover in your life.



Product Details:


  • Contains 2 stainless steel cooling sticks
  • Integrated bottle opener and canvas pouch for storage
  • Fits most standard long neck beers, soft drink bottles and any glass bottle that is at least 8.5 inches tall. Not intended for cans.
  • Dimensions: Cooling sticks approx. 22 cm long, diameter approx. 1.5 cm
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