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Our chocolate gifts collection makes Hotel Chocolat look like a grotty B&B. These aren't your average “fancy” slabs - our chocolate is an experience. Gorge yourself or treat someone to an extraordinary chocolate gift from Firebox. From classic chocolate boxes you can personalise, to controversial pieces of heaven, this selection is the one and only range on the whole internet that keeps all the deliciousness and adds a fun twist to the same old gift chocolate.
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Chocolate gifts with a twist

Welcome to our selection of chocolate gifts and chocolate gift boxes. If you have already been through a few pages of this website, or following us on social media (please do it if you haven’t yet), you might have noticed that we often say “enough with those boring chocolates and flowers” and so on. Yes, we are on a crusade against those same old dull presents, but allow us to dig a bit deeper about that chocolate thing. First of all, chocolate is just delicious. Fact. With that out of the way, we do agree that a chocolate or a chocolate box can be a great present, the only problem with that is that the vast majority of people will buy them as effortless gifts. Pure laziness. That’s what you have to be careful about! On the positive side, if you came here it can only mean you’ve already made up your mind about giving them something unique, and the same logic applies to gift chocolate. So, recapitulating, supermarket or really-expensive-and-yet-average chocolate gift box bad, unusual chocolate gifts from Firebox good. Really good! In fact, we’ve put these together so even something that feels simple such as chocolate boxes will become a thoughtful treat. After all, what about those mates of yours who are genuine choco lovers? The only way to treat them right is with proper gifts for chocolate lovers. Now with everything hopefully being clarified, go ahead and surprise them with a chocolate gift, but only from Firebox. Otherwise it’ll be at your own risk to have them rolling their eyes after getting just another boring choc box. Just think about that...

What are the best chocolates gifts?

First things first, if you’re asking yourself “what are the best chocolates for a gift?”, the short answer is: stay away from the same old supermarket nonsense, or those rip offs from trendy chocolate brands giving you overpriced chocolates. Now, for the elaborate answer, here’s a list of Firebox chocolate gift heroes:

  • A gift chocolate mixing artisan drinks with chunky chocolate - an incredibly tasty gift matching delicious chocolate with their favourite tipple.
  • Chocolate bombs made belgian milk chocolate - these could be either eaten or melted into milk, making them the perfect item for those looking for hot chocolate gifts.
  • The world’s hottest chocolate - we take pride in creating that ourselves! It’s made with a 6.4 million Scoville chilli extract, which makes it a great one for trick or treat. Perhaps a trick and treat if you think about it. Good luck figuring it out!
  • Gourmet chocolate pizzas - everybody loves chocolate, everybody loves pizza. Put those together as a gift chocolate and bam! Can’t go wrong with that.
  • Chocolate-shaped golf balls - delicious chocolate in the shape of golf balls, who would ever think about that? Well, we did. And you will too next time you’re thinking about an exquisite chocolate box gift for a golf lover.
  • Finally, the chocolate gifts you can personalise - we saved this one for last as we have an impressive range of classic chocolate boxes like Crunchie, Twirl or Dairy Milk, you can customise with a name, message or even a photo. A very nice twist to turn the OG chocolates into chocolate boxes gifts. That means you can up your chocolate gift game making it really personal and unique.

There’s much more to that, including unusual and even controversial chocolates, everything thoroughly selected so you can surprise them with chocolates!

Can’t be with them? Get ‘em a chocolate delivery

Can’t be with them? Haven’t seen them in a while and want to send a treat? You don’t even need a specific reason - who wouldn’t love to receive surprise chocolates by post? That said, we have been expert online gift retailers for over 20 years and, having this selection of chocolates online, you can simply choose which one (or ones) will suit them better, and we'll do the rest. Most important thing is, you’ll still send chocolates over to the people you love after a few simple steps, from wherever you are, as long as you have internet connectivity. Can’t be with your partner on Valentine’s Day? Think twice. With Firebox you can put your name and photo on a chocolate bar and send it over to them. They still won’t have your presence, but chocolate gifts by post will certainly put a smile on their face, until you meet again. Or maybe there’s a birthday coming up? Again, just send chocolates with Firebox. Whether you will or won’t actually meet them, just get a chocolate delivery to your house and get ready to surprise them. Whenever you think a chocolate box will be the most appropriate gift, count on us to share some love with chocolate gifts!

You can gift chocolates on every occasion!

From classic “I’m sorry” gifts to absolute favourites around Valentine’s Day and the pinnacle of Easter, chocolates and chocolate boxes are always top of mind when it comes to finding a gift. That’s why we’ve made this fantastic and delicious selection of chocolates. Because, on one hand, chocolates are the best thing in the world and, on the other hand, a chocolate box is the most generic present you could possibly buy them. So the plan here is to make something special out of chocolates and chocolate boxes, so you can always give them something exciting, even though it’s still chocolate. Pure Firebox magic. Whether you’re looking for Christmas chocolate gifts,maybe something for a birthday or add a fun touch to the classic Valentine’s chocolate box, these gifts will definitely do the job for you. Oh, if you’re thinking about treating yourself to some nice choccy, we’ve got unusual chocolates that are also tasty and you won’t find anywhere else, or personalised chocolate boxes you can put your name on and let everybody else know it’s yours. Just think about how many times you’ve started an argument with your partner or housemates about who’s chocolate was that? Put those days behind with a chocolate delivery from Firebox and enjoy your (literally) sweet days of peace.

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