After Dinner Willies

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After Dinner Willies
Key Features:
  • Delight your party guests with these charming chocolate dicks
  • Looks and tastes a lot better than the real thing
  • Dark chocolate and mint-flavoured, really melts in the mouth
  • After Eight-inspired dark green packaging
  • Ripe for terrible penis puns!
More Info: After Dinner Willies
After Eights are an undisputed Christmas institution but where's the fun in a boring ol' square of chocolate? You and your soon-to-be-startled party guests need to wrap your lips around one of our new After Dinner Willies!

They might be small but these deliciously dinky dongs have still got it where it counts. They're thick, hard, the balls are completely shaved, what more can you ask for? They look and taste better than the real thing!

We won't go into too much detail about how they melt in the mouth or how they're oozing with scrumptious white mint cream. Just know that these miniature members are the perfect way to liven up the post-dinner slump!
Product Details:
strong>Product Features:
  • After the dessert and the cheese course, comes the lesser-known chocolate penis course
  • Delicious cock-shaped chocolates
  • Comes in an After Eight-inspired box
  • Contains 8 chocolate penises
  • Dark chocolate and mint flavoured
  • Measures approximately 15cm(W) x 5.5cm(H) x 5.5cm(D)
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