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Key Features:
  • The traditional garlic crusher, re-VAMPED!
  • Because chopping garlic is a real pain in the neck
  • No more stinky fingers or chasing cloves around the chopping board
  • Just twist his head (exorcist-stylee) to crush your garlic
  • Effortlessly pulverises garlic to perfection
  • Doesn't get clogged up, super easy to rinse clean
More Info: Count Gracula
We know, we know. Vampires and garlic?! Next, we'll be selling Dracula-themed UV lights and crucifixes!

But Count Gracula is different. Not only is he exceedingly cute for a vampire, but this little guy just can't get enough of the pungent stuff. Simply slip a couple of cloves into his caped body, give his head a twist (exorcist-stylee) and he'll pulverise your garlic to perfection. No more chasing cloves around the chopping board or ending up with stinky garlic fingers!

Best of all, unlike your typical clogged-up crusher, Count Gracula is dead easy to rinse out and keep clean. Terrible puns aside, he truly is a fang-tastic kitchen accessory!
Product Details:
Product Features:
  • Mini vampire-shaped garlic crusher!
  • Twist his head to crush your garlic cloves
  • Super easy to rinse and keep clean
  • Measures approximately 9.7cm(W) x 7.4cm(H) x 7.4cm(D)
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