Fried Chicken Candy in a Tin

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Fried Chicken Candy in a Tin
Key Features:
  • Tin of fried chicken flavoured sweets.
  • Sweets come individually wrapped.
  • Great finisher for after your boneless bucket.
  • Just to clarify, this is sugar candy that tastes like fried chicken.
More Info: Fried Chicken Candy in a Tin

It’s Saturday night, you’ve ordered in a bargain bucket from your local colonel. It was satisfying, but you can’t help feeling it was missing something. Enter fried chicken candy in a tin, the perfect after-dinner accompaniment; kind of like After Eights but much more meaty. If these aren’t quite your cup of tea (whyever not?) but you’ve got a friend who loves their poultry, you know what to do.

Product Details:
  • Fried Chicken flavoured candy in a cool, retro style tin.
  • Each sweet comes individually wrapped.
  • Approx. dimensions: Tin 9.5 x 6.3 cm.
  • Approx. weight: Tin contains 70g of candy.
  • Tastes like fried chicken, you decide if that’s a good thing.
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