Zen Garden

Tend to your mind
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Zen Garden
Key Features:
  • Bring a little piece and harmony to your home or workspace
  • Calm your mind and forget about the stresses of your hectic life
  • Rake patterns in the soft sand, re-arrange the stones, tend the lawns
  • Unlike meditation it's super easy to focus on and feel at ease
  • Seriously, it's unbelievably relaxing
More Info: Zen Garden
Okay, now let's all take a nice deep breath together and hold it for ten seconds. Aaaand breathe out. Doesn't really work does it? Nothing bloody does! Try as we might, it's almost impossible to block out the stresses and distractions of our hectic modern lives.

You need something to focus on, a relaxing task to really obsess over, you need... the Zen Garden.

After all, nothing calms the mind like raking patterns in soft sand, meticulously arranging four polished stones and attending to two tiny grass lawns. Seriously, get ready to totally fixate upon the Zen Garden and forget about all of your other troubles.

  • Boss screeching in your face? Just reach for that sand rake
  • Bills horrendously overdue? Shuffle around those stones for a bit
  • Find out your partner's been having an affair for months? That tiny lawn could use a drop of water
All hail the answer to life's great problems - THE ZEN GARDEN.
Product Details:
Please Note:
  • May or may not solve all of life's problems
Product Features:
  • Bring a little piece and harmony to your home or workspace
  • Unbelievably relaxing
  • Rake the sand, shuffle around the stones, tend to the lawns
  • Includes: 2 packets of zen garden seeds, 1 garden rake, 1 packet of sand, 2 coir discs, zen garden planter, 1 drip tray and instructions
  • Measures approximately 20.5cm(W) x 7cm(H) x 16.5cm(D)
Customer Reviews
Based on 2 reviews
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Its a great product and I have had loads of fun with it. I love raking the sand and making my own zen desk moments in my home office.
Arrrived in a few days, great packaging and quality.
However the instructions say put substrate into sections and fill with water DONT DO THIS there's way to much for the 2 compartments put 1 disc in water and break it up then add to pots.
Also dont let it get in the sand because its a pain in the ass.
Other than that great fun
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