Fart Sound Box

Childish? Yes. Hilarious? Also yes. 

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Fart Sound Box
Key Features:
  • 12 different types of farts!
  • Lots of silly fun
  • Great gift for kids
  • Prank friends and family
  • Just press the button and release the sound!
  • Smells not included 
More Info: Fart Sound Box

The day farts stop being funny is the day we can wrap up human civilisation and let another species like dolphins have a go. 


With that in mind, this Fart Sound Box is guaranteed to bring joy into the life of anyone with a sense of humour. It includes 12 classic fart sounds, from the cheeky Squeaker to the rapid-fire Machine Gun. 


So go ahead - sneak up on your grandad and let one rip!

Product Details:
  • Fart sound box with 12 different fart sounds
  • Age range: All ages above 36 months who enjoy farting
  • Material: plastic 
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