Plant Name Badges

HELLO my name is Morgan Treeman

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Plant Name Badges
Key Features:
  • Time to upgrade those dirty old lolly sticks
  • Includes twelve reusable badges in four colours – yellow, green, blue and red
  • Pretend your plants are at a house party/business conference
  • Each label has a handy checkbox to remind you how frequently to water them
  • The perfect gift for plant parents and green-fingered enthusiasts
More Info: Plant Name Badges
They say talking to your plants helps them grow, but how are you supposed to make polite conversation with your Peace Lily if you don't even know their name?!

Styled like the classic "HELLO, my name is..." stickers, these Plant Name Badges are the perfect way to label up your beloved houseplants. They come in a pack of twelve, split across four different colours (red, yellow, green, blue) and they look waaay more fun than those filthy old lolly sticks! Plus, each badge has a little checkbox so you can write in a handy reminder of how often you should water it.

Our favourite bit? Obviously coming up with silly names – Planty McPlantface, Fern-ando, Robert Plant, Palmela Anderson, Tree Diddy...

We could go on, literally until the end of time.
Product Details:
Product Features:
  • A fun and useful way to label up your houseplants
  • Twelve reusable badges in four colours – yellow, green, blue and red
  • Dry wipe marker included!
  • Handy check box to remind you how often to water them
  • The ideal gift for home gardeners
  • Measures approximately 12.5cm(W) x 18.5cm(H) x 2.5cm(D)
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