Christmas Gifts for Dad 👴🏼

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The best Christmas gifts for Dad

Welcome to our selection of Christmas presents for dad! Maybe, at this point, you’ve probably sorted out most of your Christmas shopping list with Christmas treats for your boyfriend or girlfriend, your mum and even your friends - by the way, if you haven’t, we’ve got incredible gifts for them as well - but there’s always that someone who sometimes reaches that level where finding a Christmas gift is no longer fun: that’s good and ol’ dad. Dad is usually that one who wants nothing and seems to have everything. However, we also understand that his figure is so important that we might feel really bad if we don't surprise him with a cracking present - it’s the least you can do, after everything he’s done for you, isn’t that right? With that said, we’ve prepared this collection of amazing Christmas gifts for dad, certain that it’ll bring back the fun of searching for dad Christmas gifts to you, and make sure that dad has the present he deserves. With hundreds and hundreds of unique presents, it’s virtually impossible not to find something that’ll surprise your dad this Christmas. Now you may be thinking how such a load of dad Xmas gifts can still be unique, but we sure have an explanation for that as well. It’s quite a simple one: just think about how many different types of dad exist out there. From the classic football and beer loving dad, to sophisticated coffee and whisky connoisseur fathers, in this modern times we even have gamer dads! So all we want to do here is to make sure that our Christmas gift ideas for dad will be the best fit for your father. 

What to get dad for Christmas?

That dreaded time is here again - the time to find a Christmas gift for dad. We all know very well that dads don’t usually tell us what they want, which always makes us afraid of getting him a gadget he’s already bought, a bottle of that whisky he’s already tried (and didn’t like), or a book he’s already read. Sometimes if even feels like what dad really wants is to make you go mad, on an endless search for the best Christmas gift ideas for dad. Fear not, our disoriented friend, for you’ve finally reached the one and only place with all the Christmas gifts for dad guaranteed to surprise him, such as:

  • A beer making kit - starting with the classic beer loving dad, why not give him a DIY kit so he can brew his own?
  • A spreadable whisky marmalade - that's right, we bet he’s never tried that one!
  • A Lego version of yourself, your dad, or even the whole family - all in one frame.
  • For the crafty AND nostalgic dads, and going back to the DIY kits, we also have a make your own retro radio set he’ll love.
  • And for the stylish dads, a personalised beard kit is the best call, so he can proudly display how much he cares about this facial hair.

It goes without saying, that’s only a taste of how diverse this range is. There are many different kinds of dads out there and we surely have something for each one of them. From classy poker sets to bluetooth controlled smart mugs, whatever your dad is into, don’t waste more time and sanity scrambling around for Christmas gifts for dad.Just shop from Firebox and make this Christmas the best one yet for your father, at least until next year.

Gift ideas for dad Christmas edition

It’s the end of the year and you’ve already got him a decent Father’s Day treat and something nice for his birthday. Now you’re about to squeeze your brains out thinking there’s nothing else left out there for perfect Christmas gifts for dad. So, in order to prove you wrong in a good way, we’ve meticulously put together this selection of Christmas presents for dad.Yes, that’s right - in other words, these are our gifts for dad Christmas version. With these gifts you will able to amaze, surprise or even annoy him a little bit (for some Christmas fun), but the important thing is as long as you want to share some love and appreciation for what dad’s done for you over the year, nothing works better than a Christmas gift for dad from Firebox!

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