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Who did you get this year? Your best mate? Your work crush? The office “funny guy or your line manager? We know it’s hard to choose the best Secret Santa gifts… until now! We’ve prepared amazing Secret Santa ideas to make sure you’d find the gift you’re looking for, regardless of the secret giftee. Whether you want to give them something useful, or cause a big reaction with funny Secret Santa gifts, these prezzies are guaranteed to make you the star of your next Secret Santa.

Time for Secret Santa Gifts!

Another staple of Christmas traditions, Secret Santa and other gift-exchanging events are common all around the world. For those who don’t know what Secret Santa is (which we find really hard at this point, but who knows), or those who are about to embark on their first Secret Santa experience, let’s go through a bit more of history before jumping on the gifting subject. Despite the unknown origins, the tradition has come a long way, with some saying it was somehow a part of the religious Christmas roots, all the way to crediting an American business-owner and philanthropist for anonymously giving away presents around Christmas Day. For all we know now, it’s become massive, especially within small groups of family or co-workers. The rules may change according to place and culture, though we all know that  everything fundamentally revolves around you being the only one knowing whom you should get a Secret Santa gift for. Other known variants include different price pointers, so it’s very common to see people searching specifically for Secret Santa gifts under £5 or Secret Santa gifts under £10. Which unlocks the Secret Santa tradition of never sticking to the price limits. On that note, we move onto the actual Secret Santa gifts. Such loose rules make it difficult to find good Secret Santa presents because, going back to the price limits, it’s contradictory the way you don’t want to spend too much as you’ve got a dozen of other people to buy a present for but, at the same time, you want to get them something nice, though the lower price tends to narrow it down to lower quality gifts. On top of that, there’s the classic situation when you don’t have the slightest idea about the personality traits of your Secret Santa, making it feel like it’s nearly impossible to find a suitable present. Fear not, for this collection is the end of your problems! We’ve put together only the best Secret Santa gifts taking all those factors into account. From silly to controversial presents, just make sure it’ll fit your (slightly loose) budget and be the hero of your next Secret Santa. 

What are good Secret Santa gifts?

As a social event that goes beyond gifting. Secret Santa is a warm up to set people into the Christmas spirit. Therefore, the best Secret Santa gifts are the most creative ones, meant to cause a good reaction. Sometimes funny, sometimes arguably cringe, these gifts are great to put the group in a good mood. And you’re wrong if you think that Secret Santa presentscan’t be useful. After checking this lot, you’ll be so amazed, that we wouldn’t be surprised if you ended up buying some of these to treat yourself too. Time to get away from those last minute petrol station gifts and boring scalp massagers, here are some Secret Santa ideas they’ll love:

  • Personalised vaseline tin - for that friend, colleague or sibling who’s always forgetting where they left their favourite lip therapy, just put their name on it so everyone will know it’s theirs.
  • The world’s smallest hoover - for that colleague that is always struggling to keep his desk in a neata condition.
  • Bubble blowing bath scents - for people who thought bubble baths couldn’t get any funnier
  • A personalised multi tool pen - everybody has a colleague who always “accidently” nicks your pen. Well, put their name on their own pen and put those days behind you.
  • The world’s spiciest chocolate bar - saving the best for last, this works perfectly as a challenge amongst friends, or a silent revenge on someone you don’t particularly like - as it’s Secret Santa, they’ll never know where it came from!

Those are our top picks for now, though as gifting specialists we assure you that anything from this range is going to be a hit for Secret Santa.

What to get for Secret Santa when you don't know the person?

This is the ultimate obstacle when it comes to good Secret Santa gifts. We understand you - it’s that situation when you think you’ve found a cracking Secret Santa present(at least according to yourself), but as you don’t really know what your Secret Santa is into, you may find your present a bit dislocated, or even offensive in the worst case scenario. There are certainly Secret Santa gift ideas for everyone, but if you’re really concerned, you could start by narrowing it down into Secret Santa gifts for her or Secret Santa gifts for him. Next, is it a work environment occasion, or just a group of mutual friends you’ve recently joined? The best option here is to avoid the edgy, controversial items - but that doesn’t mean your gift has to be boring. Good thing you’ll have to have at least their name for Secret Santa, so we’d recommend something personalised, like a pen or a vaseline tin. Those are everyday things everybody uses, and engraving their name on it gives it a nice, personal touch. Same goes for gifts you can personalise with a picture. Simply try to snitch the pic from their social media profile and stick it on a personalised mug for fun. Those are not only safe but also budget options, but we’re sure you’ll find more ideas, especially if you could also ask a few questions about them for mutual friends - as long as you still keep that much required secrecy, you’ll be alright.

Funny Secret Santa Gifts

We saved this one for last because funny Secret Santa gifts are the ones we care the most about - not only because the best funny Secret Santa ideasare the best ones, but also because, in all modesty, Firebox is the only go-to place for such edgy presents. We genuinely believe that everything here will make a funny gift, especially when you consider the personalised ones. Just think about it, you don’t necessarily need to use their names. You could write almost anything within our character limits and your moral compass. Aside from that, from Star Wars decoration to controversial books, when you get something from this range, you automatically become a reference to funny Secret Santa ideas, and the tradition lives on for another year. Well done!

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