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Key Features:
  • Crush the pain away
  • Endless enjoyment and effective stress-relief for both genders
  • Made from durable rubber that can take some punishment
  • Life-size! (depending on genetics and testosterone levels)
  • Ironically a great gift for someone who's already been given the sack
More Info: Stressticles
These are Stressticles. Stress Testicles. A lovely rubberised sack of balls to grab and manipulate to ease your anxious mind.

And they're therapeutic for both men and women!

For women:
When the moment strikes, just give these balls a pulverising squeeze and know that if this was real life, the owner of the testicles would be paralysed with fear and pain, dry-heaving and wishing for a swift death. What a calming thought.

For men:
Stop playing trouser billiards like a mucky little ape! It might feel wonderfully relaxing but it's horrific to watch. Keep your hands off your – in all probability – unwashed balls and relieve yourself with this rubber prosthesis instead.*

*although don't stop checking them for lumps n' that. Maybe do it in the shower.
Product Details:
Product Features:
  • An extremely effective way to relieve anxiety
  • Stress balls shaped like a pair of testicles
  • Made of rubber so they'll take some serious punishment
  • Measures approximately 11.5cm(W) x 11cm(H) x 0cm(D)
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Based on 1 reviews
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This product is amazing! It definitely relieves my stress alright. I recently broke up with my boyfriend and the thought of crushing his balls made me smile right away. If you are in need of revenge straight away, this is the way!! 10000/10000 :)
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