Jumbo Pierre the Penis Body Pillow

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Only 49 left

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Key Features:
  • Careful! You’ll have your eye out with that!
  • Pierre is back - and this time, he’s hard
  • Fancy a cuddle with a worryingly large penis?
  • It’s basically the same size as you
  • Complete with adorable face to make it more adorable and less realistic
More Info: Jumbo Pierre the Penis Body Pillow
You weren’t satisfied with regular Pierre. Even Giant Pierre wasn’t enough. And it’s not even worth mentioning the World’s Smallest Pierre. You like it large, we get that. So we’ve supersized everyone’s favourite adorable penis just to suit you.

Only he’s not so adorable anymore. Don’t worry, he’s still got his cute little face, just on a much much bigger appendage. He must have been flaccid before because now he’s four feet of pure magnificent shaft.

Quite possibly the biggest dick in the world, jumbo Pierre will keep you warm on long lonely nights for as long as you need him.

Check out our blog article about working out With Pierre The Penis.
Product Details:
Product features:
  • Our biggest Pierre the penis yet
  • Absolutely massive, 4ft tall in fact
  • Perfect for cuddling
  • Measures approximately 100cm (H) x 50cm (W) x 25cm (D)
Customer Reviews
Based on 6 reviews
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Bought this for my friend for Christmas - he hated it would recommend for anyone that wants to embarrass their friend. It's extremely soft and plush so I'm sure he'll use it
Bought the jumbo when he first came out (pun intended) I’ve Judy ordered a different colour. Plush and soft. Absolutely love it. Reduced by 33% inc postage. Treat yourself.
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