Giant Pierre The Penis

The bigger the better
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Key Features:
  • Everyone's favourite chode is back and he's GIANT
  • Still just as chode-y though
  • The cuddliest, cutest penis you’ll ever see
  • Aww, look at his little eyes
  • Are those feet or balls at the bottom? Guess we’ll never know...
More Info: Giant Pierre The Penis
Maybe our regular Pierre wasn’t enough for you. Maybe you like to live large, perhaps you’re what they call ‘a size queen’. Good thing we’ve got a plush to meet your outrageous standards!

Pierre is back and he’s GIANT! At more than double the size of his normal sized pal, he’s a perfect gift for that cheeky mate who love massive cock.

Snuggle up with Giant Pierre and let his impressive girth cushion you. He’s the only dick you’ll ever be able to rely on, faithfully waiting in bed for you every night. Priceless.
Product Details:
Product features:
  • Giant Pierre the Penis plush
  • Bigger and better than ever
  • Even more cuddly
  • Measures approximately 45cm (H) x 30cm (W) x 14cm (D)
Customer Reviews
Based on 1 reviews
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Very satisfactory and squishy. Does gather dust quick, but nothing a small rinse won't fix.