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Incense House
Key Features:
  • Freshen up your living space with this super cute incense burner
  • Looks pretty damn cool when the smoke wafts out of the chimney
  • Banish the weird smell in your home that you've stopped noticing
  • Minimalist design made from white ceramic
  • Comes with three incense cones – fresh and fragrant sandalwood
  • More stylish and dignified than running around with a can of Febreze
More Info: Incense House
You've just come back from a long holiday, you step through the front and door and you think to yourself "wow, my house has a pretty strong smell."

It's usually a heady combination of trapped moisture, the last few meals you cooked, the laundry detergent you use and a few spider farts thrown in for good measure. Granted you don't even notice it after about ten minutes, but your curious and unique home scent remains – ready to be enjoyed (and ruthlessly judged in private) by your guests.

Needless to say, this minimalist Incense House is the stylish solution to this age-old problem!

Just pop one of the miniature incense cones inside, light it up and watch as swirls of smoke waft gently from the chimney – filling your home with a fresh (and long-lasting) sandalwood scent.
Product Details:
Product Features:
  • Stylish minimalist incense burner
  • Smoke floats elegantly from the chimney
  • Comes with three sandalwood incense cones
  • Seperate dish and house-shaped lid made from ceramic
  • The perfect housewarming present
  • Measures approximately 10cm(W) x 10cm(H) x 10cm(D)
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