Truth Or Drink - Extra Dirty

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Truth Or Drink - Extra Dirty
Key Features:
  • The best game for learning things about your friends you probably didn’t want to know
  • Whopping big pack of 410 question cards
  • If a player doesn’t want to answer, they have to drink!
  • Warning: not for prudes
  • Definitely for over-sharers, though.
More Info: Truth Or Drink - Extra Dirty

As adult party games go, it’s hard to beat Truth Or Dare. It’s the perfect mix of funny, naughty and awkward. 


But sometimes it can be tricky to think of fun dares and original questions. And what if you ask a question or suggest a dare that everyone else thinks is too much, and you don’t get invited to parties anymore? 


Well, with more than 400 question cards about sex, drugs and all manner of inappropriate behaviour, this extra filthy, extra boozy version takes away all the stress and overthinking. And it probably includes questions you’ve never even thought to ask.


So if you don’t want to tell people about your first sexual experience, down to the most minute and cringey detail, that’s fine. But you have to drink drink drink!


And after all, it was the card that asked the question, not you. 

Product Details:
  • Extra filthy version of Truth or Dare
  • Includes 410 dirty question cards 
  • Box Dimensions: 17.78 x 10.16 x 7.62 cm
  • Weight: 830 g
  • Suggested age: 21+
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